The Show Goes On…

Long Overdue Greetings from Merrimack Valley Ringers!

Tempest poster

EPIC \m/

Oh, what a season it has been. MVR’s Spring tour “Tempest: From Basics to Bronze” was an educational experience for both the audience AND our members! The tour included original works for handbells, with ringers speaking between each piece, highlighting bell techniques and sharing stories from previous tours. Audiences loved the interaction, knowledge, and humor peppered throughout the concerts. What many audiences DIDN’T know: due to a perfect storm of ill-timed and unpredictable injuries, all but one of our concerts had one or two ringers SIGHT-READING, to fill in for a ringer unable to play at the last minute! It was both terrifying and exhilarating…which ultimately played right into our tour title! We took on each concert as a challenge, and refused to shake our positive attitude. As a result, our audiences were none the wiser…unless our director decided to fill them in just before the final piece.

MVR had two weeks off “to recover” before trekking out to Festival Conference 2015 at UMass Amherst. Despite two still-recuperating ringers (and one whose injury developed right before the final concert), the group tackled the long weekend with flying colors – attending rehearsals and classes, teaching and performing, and making sure the mood was merry. It was a fabulous end for a noteworthy season. And we’ve jokingly decided the next CD we record will be called “The Show Must Go On.”

Rehearsals pick back up in September, and we’ve already got sizable Winter AND Spring tours in the works! Many exciting prospects. MVR will be busy…but until then, we’re taking some much deserved R&R and putting our feet up. Some of us with ice applied. 😉

Happy Summer!!!


MVR during one of the massed rehearsals… FRONT ROW! WOOOOOOT!!!!

The Silent Conductor

Clinician Tim Waugh demonstrates the art of telepathy in his class “The Silent Conductor”


MVR with F/C 2015’s clinicians Tim Waugh and Debbie Rice, both of whom we were plotting to kidnap.

The Show Goes On

When you know the EMTs by their first names…you might be accident-prone.