Want MVR to perform a little closer to YOU? Here’s your chance!

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor metric tons of snow shall keep MVR from rehearsing. (Well, ok, it DID keep us from ONE group rehearsal, but we did a lot of work at home and via email…we find ways to practice even if we can’t have bells in hand!)

The repertoire for our Spring tour is definitely keeping us on our toes… It is mainly a collection of all ORIGINAL handbell works, incorporating almost every technique you can think of. Because of this, our tour will be taking on a very educational aspect, higlighting the versatility of handbells as an instrument, pulling back the curtain to show audiences a bit of what goes on behind the table, and also sharing stories and noteworthy (HA! Get it?) moments from our nearly 13 years together.

That being said….we’re still looking to book a couple more concerts for May/June! Are YOU interested in hosting us, or know of a venue that is? We don’t charge to perform and only have a few spacial requirements (and will be as flexible as possible). If you’re interested, please email director@mvringers.org

We love you guys. Srsly.

‘Til next time…





PS: MVR has been accepted into the Bronze Division of Festival Conference 2015!!!!! See you at UMass Amherst!!!!