There’s really no other way to say it…

… You guys rock 🙂

PCC panorama

Our “Wonders of Wintertime” capped off, as our Winter tours always do, with performances in Chelmsford, MA and Leominster, MA. Though many were daunted by the weather on Saturday, we still had a brave audience at the Chelmsford Center for the Arts…and the Leominster crowd was typically demure and polite (LOL), cheering as if they were at a soccer match. Seriously, that person who whistles? EPIC.

AND STILL there were people in each audience (and throughout this tour) who had never seen us before, and some who had never seen a community handbell ensemble, period. We love bringing new fans into the fold!

So thank you all, truly… We are so so fortunate to have such a dedicated fan base, who readily throw so much energy at us during a performance.

We bid farewell to the Winter 2014 season… and launch IMMEDIATELY this weekend into plotting our Spring 2015 tour. “What? Handbells playing in the Springtime?? What kind of music would THAT be???” Yes, handbells can play things OTHER THAN holiday music. 🙂 Most of our Spring concert venues are already in place, and we’ll be updating our website soon to include our Spring tour dates. In the meantime, check back here for info on the tour, or “follow” this blog to receive new posts right in your email inbox.

Until next time!